Transparent LCD

Transparent LCD display showcase project in Canada for the brand Bestseller

BestSeller called us, at Street Co’, to enhance one of their showcase in a Canadian store. They wanted something innovative that could bring into light their last collection of clothing. In association with our designer and engineer team, we decided to provide them the most technological solution, in order to have something that stays modern trough the years and provides a good video quality. They chose transparent LCD displays that allow the light to pass trough each side, disposed on a really thin glass layer.


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Transparent LCD displays, an innovative way for interactive screens

Transparent LCD displays are one of the latest innovations in interactive screens.

They don’t have a blacklight layer integrated, so they do need a background light to reflect colours, but this means the display itself features a unique thinness, which allows the screen to be transparent. But, this also means they need to have a backlight installed behind, which does not allow the transparent LCD to be fixed on a window, the system works as a box, and that is usually how we use them.


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